Agriturismo San Domenico

A day at the spa

A volcanic area rich in thermal springs at 36°C

The Sassetta Thermal Baths

The Sassetta Thermal Baths represent a hidden gem in the picturesque setting of the Tuscan hills. Located in the municipality of Sassetta, this thermal destination offers a refuge of relaxation and wellness immersed in pristine nature.

The thermal waters of Sassetta, rich in beneficial minerals, gush from natural springs, creating a precious source of pleasure and healing. Modern thermal facilities offer guests a variety of services, including outdoor thermal pools, wellness treatments, and spas, allowing for a complete rejuvenating experience.

The tranquility of the surrounding hills, with their green forests and breathtaking views, contributes to creating a serene and relaxing environment. Many visitors choose the Sassetta Thermal Baths not only for the physical benefits of the thermal waters but also to retreat from the daily hustle and bustle in an oasis of peace.

Whether it’s relaxing in the thermal pools under the blue sky, enjoying rejuvenating massages, or exploring the surrounding natural beauty, the Sassetta Thermal Baths offer a unique experience of well-being and tranquility in the heart of Tuscany.

The Saturnia Thermal Baths

The Saturnia Thermal Baths are a natural wonder located in the picturesque countryside of Maremma, Tuscany, Italy. These thermal baths are famous for their sulphurous waters that gush at a constant temperature of around 37.5 degrees Celsius, offering a relaxing and beneficial thermal experience. The origins of the Saturnia Thermal Baths date back to antiquity, linked to the legend of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture. It is said that Saturn caused the formation of the baths by striking the ground with lightning, miraculously bringing forth the thermal waters.

Today, the Saturnia Thermal Baths welcome visitors from around the world eager to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters. The area is equipped with modern facilities, including spas, wellness centers, and thermal pools, offering a luxurious and comfortable environment for those seeking relaxation and healing.

Immersed in breathtaking scenery, the outdoor thermal baths allow visitors to enjoy the warm waters while admiring the surrounding natural beauty. The experience at the Saturnia Thermal Baths represents not only a moment of pure pleasure but also an opportunity to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the sulphurous waters, renowned for their beneficial effects on the skin and muscular system.

The Saturnia Thermal Baths thus offer a unique blend of relaxation, wellness, and history, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a true oasis of tranquility in the heart of Tuscany.

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